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Can your copier pick up light pencil lines or shaded areas?

  • Yes. Using the patented OCE TDS 600/800 image press technology we are able to pick up light lines, half tones or shaded areas. In fact the quality of your entire set will be more consistent, the image press technology adjusts every page even with dark originals or aerials mixed in with lighter sheets.

My originals are in poor condition. Will you be able to clean them up while making digital prints?

  • Yes. With our experienced staff using the OCE TDS 600 we have many options available. Our digital prints usually look better than your original copy.

I have an old and brittle original. Will they be damaged if copied?

  • No. The scanner we use is very gentle. If we think there may be a problem we'll notify you first.

What about making half size copies of single pages or complete sets, is that something you do?

  • Yes. We can make reductions to a different scale or reduce the size of the page to fit into your briefcase, portfolio, etc. for a quick reference sheet or set. You'll be amazed at the quality of our reduced copies. Call for more information about this.

What about the ammonia smell?

  • There is no ammonia used in digital prints so there is no smell at all.

What types of scanning do you do?

  • Good question...We are able to scan to file for archiving; this will eliminate the need to keep a large storage area for drawings of finished projects.
    We are able to scan your drawings into our computer for ongoing projects, then all you have to do is call or fax us an order of what you need, either complete sets or single pages, we'll run them, then deliver or mail it for you. When the job is finished we'll copy your prints onto a CD or any format your prefer for storage. Your scanned drawings can be stored on : CD & TIFF files